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New Connections is a career development program for early- and mid-career researchers and consultants from underrepresented groups. We provide support to our funded scholars and non-funded members of our network of eligible scholars. Through grantmaking, networking opportunities, and career development, we enhance the research capacity of our funded scholars and network members.

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The Numbers

Funded scholars are part of the larger New Connections Network, which also includes scholars that have not received research funding. The Network includes over 800 scholars, who receive various career development and professional supports from the New Connections program. These professional supports include workshops, trainings, networking opportunities, leadership development, writing, and methodological consultation, access to webinars, and other regional forums and meetings. Since its founding, RWJF New Connections has invested more than $9M into the research of a diverse group of 137 early and mid-career researchers and evaluators in fields such as public health, social work, psychology, education, medicine, and urban planning.

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